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Thoughtfully crafted projects that embody our heritage, your aspirations, and our tradition.

Exemplary expertise and versatility.

The Maxera Group distinguishes itself through its exemplary versatility, encompassing all aspects of project development, management, and construction. This diversity of skills is embodied by the entity Les Constructions Maxera Inc., which operates as both a general and specialized contractor, ensuring high-quality achievements in various sectors of the construction industry.

This versatility, shaped by decades of rich experience and driven by the nearly 50-year commitment of the Migliara family, positions the Maxera Group as a major player in the execution of large-scale projects.


Project Under Construction



Located on the South Shore of Montreal, in Brossard, in a privileged location on the banks of the majestic St. Lawrence River, the Fluvia rental islands offer much more than superior quality housing units. With an exceptional view of the river and the city, these are incomparable living spaces where everything is there, within reach, in a unique environment.

Our construction projects and management of retirement homes:

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