With a solid reputation in 3 domains of real estate (construction, project development and management), the companies of Group Maxera have realized numerous projects throughout the years; such as senior residential complexes, condominiums, commercial and industrial buildings, and land development.

The Maxera Group is an experienced and multidisciplinary team that listens to their clients, and offers a wide range of high-quality integrated services for all kinds of real-estate projects.


Les Constructions Maxera inc. combines and employs the large expertise of its shareholders and is fueled by a passion for constructions and a want to fulfill market needs. Les constructions Maxera inc. represents more than 30 years of combined experience in construction works, be it industrial, commercial, or residential.

Specialties: senior residences, luxury condominiums, restaurants (renovation and construction), and commercial and industrial buildings.


Les Développements Maxera inc. is constantly searching for current and future market trends in the real-estate industry. The company is constantly evolving its construction methods, and uses performant and innovating materials to improve the quality of the final product. The customer is guaranteed a defect-free product.


Les Gestions Maxera inc. represents more than 30 years of experience in efficient administration of senior residences. Their success derives from the great respect they show towards their elderly clients. Les gestions Maxera inc. has made it a goal to listen and adapt to the increasing needs of the senior population. Their goal is simple: give all residents access to an exceptional quality of life with assured security.

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